We offer comprehensive training and consultation services in computing, IT related services; networking, Web Designs, Desktop and Mobile Applications etc. We are dedicated to providing good and quality computer services and training to Individuals, IT solutions to companies and businesses and helping them acquire the required knowledge to keep up with the growing global challenges.

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Who We Are

We empower people through well structured and standard learning materials, thereby making them becoming lifelong champions in IT world. We make skill acquisition easy by providing conducive environment for learning and helping participants to acquire the necessary computer knowledge to meet up with the global standards.

adefam vision

Our Vision

To see every individual in the nearest future being educated and well trained, with the current equipment so as to meet up with the automated standard in offices and also to enhance the development of their technical skills needed for industrial standards.

adefam mission

Our Mission

To empower people in becoming lifelong learners by providing an open environment for learning and helping individual acquire the necessary computer skills needed to be successful in IT world.

adefam target

Our Target

Our target is to provide quality Computer training and IT solutions to help individuals, companies and businesses acquire enough knowledge to keep up with the growing global challenges.

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What We Do @ ACI ICT Hub

ACI ICT Hub was planned to bring together world class technologies and innovations. Access the latest industry insights & start-up tools needed to take your business to the next level.


We believe in the power of innovation, from passionate and creative thinkers.


Ensuring smooth project process, adherence to best global standards and practices.


We are constantly searching for new and excellent ideas on daily basis, so as to ensure our clients become successful in IT business.

web technology

Web Development

Register for our PHP and ASP.NET training and acquire the skill to build web applications with authentication, access control and other great features.

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GIS training

Geographical Information System

From basic to advanced training, we offer the best in terms of practical, access to software and unlimited technical support.

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Database Administrator

Database Management

We offer comprehensive Database administration training that help in becoming professional database managers (with the technical skills needed to effectively stores, manages and retrieves data.)

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Learn through proven frameworks and fundamental tools needed for designs, implementations, and management of a successful digital marketing strategy.

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